COVID-19 Safety procedure: Check-in Check-out


COVID-19 Safety Procedure: We Do Not Take Any Risks With Our Guests' Health. 

We have a very strict Check-in and Check-out safety procedure which ensures that the room you get is thoroughly sanitized and safe for you.

Our Check-in and Check-out Safety Procedure:  

To ensure that our guests are safe and are not likely to pass on the infection, we do the following:

Check-in Safety Procedure on Arrival

  1. Our team will meet and greet you in proper gear, wearing masks, gloves and glasses to prevent infection.
  2. Your vehicle and all the touch surfaces will be sanitized with approved sanitizers.
  3. Your luggage will be thoroughly sanitized before it is carried up to your assigned room.
  4. You will be offered hand sanitizer so you can sanitize your hands before you are allowed to touch anything at the guest house.
  5. You will be offered a sanitized pen to fill in your details in the prescribed format.
  6. Your papers for traveling and stay will be checked and you will be allowed to stay only if everything is in order. There is a restriction on hosting guests from certain cities. At the moment this list consists of 31 cities from across the country. This list keeps changing as per the government directives. You are advised to consult the list to determine whether your city is included in it before you make your travel and stay plans.
  7. You will have to check-in at the District Hospital for a health check-up and clearance certificate before you are assigned your room.For the full guidelines for travel and stay you may click here.

    To apply for an e-pass to travel to Uttarakhand and Uttarkashi, click here.

  8. The Government guidelines require that all guests coming from states other than Uttarakhand to sign a declaration for self-quarantine at the hotel for a period of 7 days.

You can also watch this video which features our sanitization and check-in drill. Click here for the video.

Check-Out Safety Procedure And Sanitization of The Room:

  1. At check-out, we again ensure that all your luggage is thoroughly sanitized.
  2. We check your papers to ensure you have required papers and permissions for your onward journey.
  3. Once you vacate the room, we ensure that the room is completely sanitized.
  4. All touch surfaces in the room and washroom are properly sanitized.
  5. The room is then locked up for two days and no one is allowed to enter the room for 48 hours.
  6. All the soft furnishing including the mattresses, pillows, cushions, etc. are then taken out and put in the sun for a whole day before they are returned back to the room.
  7. We do not allot the room for a minimum period of 72 hours to anyone, including the guests (if they happen to return) who had occupied it before. In case the guests return, they are allotted a fresh thoroughly sanitized room.

By following this COVID-19 safety procedure we ensure there is no cross-contamination at our property and everyone who stays here stays safe. If you have any queries regarding our packages or our safety protocol, please feel free to contact us.

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