Activities at Monal Tourist Home

Garhwal hills and Uttarkashi have much to offer a discerning traveller. Monal lets you taste a few of the delights offered by this region if you are willing. It offers several activities that cater to the needs of most people. For the outdoor enthusiasts, there are hikes, walks, treks, cycling and mountain biking, for those who want to meditate by the river there is angling, and for those who are not much into outdoor activities, there are several programs that can be explored. The activities offered at MTH have been segregated into two groups for convenience, cultural and hikes & treks :-


Cultural Activities:

  1. Yoga and Meditation Classes - conducted by Krishnanand Bijalwan, a trained yoga teacher who has taught yoga to international students for several years. He has travelled around Europe and Israel teaching yoga and performing folk songs.
  2. Indian Cookery Classes - conducted by Pallavi Duffy, a writer by profession, she loves feeding people. She is an expert in both North and South Indian cooking.More details.
  3. Learn Traditional Mudwork - by Pallavi Duffy, who has taken a great step in reviving the beauty of traditional Indian culture. Mud walls and floors project a calm and peaceful environment, perfect for a recreational room. You could have a look at the work done at Monal or at their home up in the hills.
  4. Hindi Teaching Classes - taught by Krishnanand Bijalwan, a multifaceted personality who teaches yoga, sings folk songs and is a teacher in an Intermediate College in Uttarkashi.
  5. Talks and Discussions on Indian Philosophy and Spirituality - with local residents, such as Michael Duffy, a British National who has made India his home for the past 15 years. He is an environmentalist who has done much to change Vrindavan, where he lived for several years before he shifted to Uttarkashi in early 2006.
  6. Local Folk Music and Dance Performances - presented by Krishnananda Bijalwan and his friends, or other local artists.
  7. Guest Contribution and Involvement Program - this, of course, is a voluntary contribution from guests who want to make a contribution to Uttarkashi in whatever way they may desire. There are several activities for you to choose from:
    1. Teaching in a school for a few days
    2. Giving a talk as a guest in a school on a topic of your choice
    3. Teaching skills that you may be proficient in to an interested group
    4. Presenting a program: songs, dances, skits, mono acts, etc. to entertain fellow travelers and guests
    5. Contributing money for a cause that speaks to you
  8. Introducing Mountain Biking - test the strength of your legs and go mountain biking in the hills surrounding Uttarkashi. Monal Tourist Home introduces Mountain Biking for the first time in Uttarkashi. You can hire the bikes for a nominal rent and explore the area on your own. We are also finding out new interesting routes all the time, you can always have a chat with us about the same, and learn of exciting biking routes.
indian cooking classes in uttarkashi
indian cookery classes