Cycling & Mountain Biking in Uttarkashi

Cycling & Mountain Biking in Uttarkashi

Looking at the growing interest in cycling & mountain biking, Monal decided to introduce both cycling & mountain biking in Uttarkashi.

Uttarkashi is a prime destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. Its various roads, trails and paths are ideal for both uphill and downhill cycling. Monal has taken an initiative to facilitate mountain bikers to explore the area by providing a platform to hire mountain bikes in Uttarkashi and explore its verdant valleys and ridges covered with dense Pine, Oak and Deodar forests. The mountains and river valleys in the area offer all kinds of gradients and difficulty levels for the riders. The beginners can test their mettle on gentle gradients and tarred roads, for the hardcore adrenaline addicts there are steep forest trails and paths to explore.

You can hire a mountain bike to explore on your own or get in touch with us to take up one of our guided route packages.

There are several trail and paths that we have identified for cycling and mountain biking and have launched one so far in 2018. We will continue to explore more biking routes and introduce our patrons to their sublime beauty. Keep checking this page for updates on our latest cycling and mountain biking routes.

cycling & mountain biking in Himalayas

Cycling & Mountain Biking Packages

We are still in the process of identifying and arranging logistics for many of the possible routes for cycling & mountain biking in Uttarkashi but have already introduced one package for those who would like to take a nibble at this exhilarating experience. There are other routes also available for you to explore on your own. Just hire one of our mountain bikes for the day and get all the information you need from Dippy before you set out to experience Uttarkashi on your own.

Varuna River Experience

Drive : Hike : Ride

Dippy riding his Gary Fisher bicycle down the Varuna River Valley in UttarkashiUttarkashi is situated between the two beautiful tributaries of Ganga - Varuna and Assi. With this package, you will explore the spectacular valley of the Varuna Gad with an opportunity to walk through a lovely Himalayan Village, observe its traditional mountain life and architecture.

You will be driven 19 km to the road-head at the village of Uprikot situated at a height of 2300 - 2400 meters. A short walk through the fields and you are in the old village which offers you a magnificent view of Mt. Mandanbhitti (3000 meters.), the highest peak in the vicinity of Uttarkashi town. You can choose to explore the village or get on with your day's cycling and mountain biking adventure.

The ride starts over here and winds down gradual slopes into the villages of Kaanwa and Saald, following the curve of the Varuna river and its thick Pine covered forests which flank the road on both the sides. You may explore these villages on your way down if you so wish. We will take a break for some refreshments and lunch before continuing down to the bottom of the road. Anytime you think you have had enough of the downhill riding, you can flag down the support vehicle which will be trailing behind you and drive down instead. If a walk through the lovely pine forests is what you fancy, hand over the bikes to the support vehicle and explore the area on foot. This package is about allowing you to set your own pace and doing what you wish to do.

  • Total distance covered: 48 km
  • Total cycling distance: 24 km approximate depending on how much you wish to ride.
  • Gradient: Mostly downhill and moderate with a couple of moderate uphill patches.
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Total Time: 5 hours approximate depending on what you wish to do.
  • Starting time: 9.00 AM
  • Starting Point: Monal Tourist Home
  • Finish Point: Monal Tourist Home
  • Vehicular Support: Start to Finish
  • Pace: Self Determined

Cost: INR 4000 for 1 person, INR 4500 for 2, including the car rental, bicycles, and lunch on the way.