Bird-watching Accesories

Uttarkashi Birds

Uttarkashi has a great bird life with many different species of birds to entice any avid bird watcher. As an effort to facilitate bird-watching for our guests, Monal has a range of bird watching accessories.

When the mood is to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of Monal and its surroundings, borrow our excellent Nikon Binoculars and our book on Birds of the Himalayas and see how many you can spot.

The rich bird life of Uttarkashi includes many species of pheasants, thrushes, buntings, vultures, warblers, wagtails, tits, swifts, the exquisitely beautiful sunbirds, the noisy barbets, magpies, treepies and the ubiquitous bulbuls fighting over morsels of food with the babblers.

If you look up in the sky you could be lucky enough to spot the mighty Himalayan Griffon Vulture, a carrion bird that has pulled itself back from the brink of extinction and thrives in these mountains and is a birder's delight.

Also, looking up in the sky, you may find the buzzards, kestrels and the stunning crested serpent eagle riding the air currents circling majestically overhead.

These are just some of the species of birds that you can spot, there are hundreds more.

The binoculars are not for hire, but only to be borrowed by responsible people who are genuinely interested in seeing the beautiful birds of Uttarkashi up close.

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