Souvenir Shop


Souvenir Shop

There is a little in-house souvenir shop where guests can buy books, and hiking and trekking related items.

We also try to promote local products and crafts and as and when things are available to us, we like to display and sell them at this little shop of ours.

Many times we find locally produced items that we keep in the shop. So do have a look out for new stuff when you arrive.

For those interested in the history and stories of the region, there are some books for sale that are either based on or written by people who have an intricate connection with it. One such inspiring traveller was Heinrich Harrer, who travelled all the way from Dehradun to Tibet in 1944, recording his experiences along the journey. His experiences of the momentous journey and his life in Himalayas was published as the book "Seven Years in Tibet".

Another author who has tickled the imagination of millions isĀ  Jim Corbett. He too has immortalized the Himalayas and some areas of Garhwal in his books - especially his famous f book, "The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag", and "My India", among others.
"The Valley of Flowers" written by Frank S. Smyth, a botanist and an acclaimed mountaineer who explored the valley, has captured his experience in vivid detail in the book.

These are must-read books for any mountain lover and are available for purchase along with a host of other titles at our souvenir shop.

Outdoor Items

In case one comes unprepared for a hike, or requires some outdoor equipment, there are some hiking sticks, head lamps, gas stove, water bottle, etc. that the guests can purchase.


A collection of postcards is available for purchase at the souvenir shop.