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Hikes and Treks Offered by Monal


  1. Oak Trail : Uttarkashi – Chaurangi Khal – Nachiketa Tal – Uttarkashi
  2. Temple Heights : Uttarkashi – Sankurnadhar – Nagni Devi – Uttarkashi
  3. Cascade Route : Uttarkashi – Barsu – Waterfall – Uttarkshi
  4. Mountain Adventure : Uttarkashi – Mandan Bhitti Base Camp – Summit – Uttarkshi
  5. Village Circuit : Sangam Chatti – Naugaon – Bhankoli – Sangam Chatti – Uttarkashi
  6. Meadow Trail : Monal – Kuflon Basics – Siladooni – Kuflon Basics – Monal
  7. Temple Trail : All Major Temples of Uttarkshi
  8. Ayana Devi Circuit : Uttarkashi – Nald – Ayana – Ganeshpur – Uttarkshi
  9. Shikhareshwar Trek : Monal – Bagyal – Pata – Sangrali – Shikhareshwar – Monal
  10. Half Varuni : Uttarkashi – Saald – Vimaleshwar – Shikhareshwar – Sangrali – Pata – Bagyal – Monal
  11. Angling : Monal – Kuflon – Monal
  12. Assiganga Adventure : Monal – Naald – Siladooni – Kuflon – Monal
  13. Varuna To Assi : Monal – Uprikot – Gajoli – Bhankoli - Monal    (Launched NEW in 2018)

1. Oak Trail

Uttarkashi – Chaurangi Khal – Nachiketa Tal – Uttarkashi.

This trek is to Nachiketa Tal one of the most popular and easy treks around Uttarkashi. Situated at a height of about 2000 m, the lake is steeped in mythology. It is believed that Nachiketa meditated on the banks of this lake. The lake is situated amidst dense oak and rhododendron forest that supports several species of birds. The road head is at Chaurangi Khal which is about 30 kms from Uttarkashi. The road to Chaurangi Khal itself is a spectacular drive with a great snow view point at Sankurnadhar about 18 kms from Uttarkashi from where the Bandarpunch massif can be viewed in all its spectacular beauty. The trek is an easy gradient and about 3 kms one way. Even inexperienced and unconditioned people can easily take this trek.

Tariff: Single person : 4500/-, 2 or more people : 2500/- per head.

day hike short trek

2. Temple Heights

Uttarkashi – Sankurnadhar – Nagni Devi – Uttarkashi

Sankurnadhar is situated at a distance of about 18 kms from Uttarkashi. This is an area that is known to locals as the Bailkhila Parvat. The name again has mythological connotations. It is believed that a great sage Balkhil meditated in this area. The trek leads to the temple of Nagni Devi that is dedicated to Shiva’s consort Goddess Parvati. A steep but well worn path leads up to the temple from the road head. The view of the Bandarpunch massif enroute the temple is breathtaking. The path leads through thick oak forests that contain a wide variety of flora and fauna, a delight for any nature lover. The trek is 6 kms long one way the entire trek is 12 kms long. The trail is a steep one and you have to be in a good physical condition to do this trek.

Tariff: Single person 6000/-, 2 or more people 3250/- per head


3. Cascade Route

Uttarkashi – Barsu – Waterfall – Uttarkashi

This trek takes you to a beautiful waterfall where you can swim or relax on the rocks surrounding the plunge pool of the cascade. Barsu is a beautiful village about 43 kms away from Uttarkashi. It is the base camp for the 14 kms trek to Dayara Bugyal. Dayara is a high Himalayan alpine meadow that that is covered with snow during the winter months and provides excellent slopes for skiing. Barsu village is a proposed ski resort with a ski lift and hotels for ski enthusiasts. It will be a while before the proposal will become a tangible reality, but Dayara is already gaining popularity and has built up a reputation amongst the skiers who have skied there.
Barsu has an excellent view of some Himalayan snow peaks. You can see Shreekantha Mountain, Jonli ranges, Gangotri peaks and Draupadi ka Danda from the village.
Barsu Camp will be your host for the trip. You leave Monal after breakfast and reach Barsu before lunch. After arrival at the village, you have a 2 kms trek to a pristine waterfall where you can swim in the plunge pool formed by the waterfall. After refreshing yourself at the waterfall, lunch awaits you at the Barsu Camp. After lunch you can explore the Barsu village and see the way people live in Himalayas. Come back for tea at Barsu Camp. Drive back to Monal in time for dinner.

Tariff: Single person 5500/- ; 2 or more people 3250/- per head


4. Mountain Adventure

Uttarkashi Mandan Bhitti b

Base Camp Summit Uttarkashi

Mandanbhitti is a 3000m high peak. This is the longest and the toughest of all day treks that Monal has to offer. The participants have to be in an excellent physical condition, and must have prior experience of tough climbs. The trek earlier used to start from the Assi Ganga Valley, however, after the recent floods, a new route has been taken up via Shikhareshwar temple. Another change that has been incorporated in this trek is that we no longer stop at the base camp for the night, there is no camping involved anymore. This makes the trek even more competitive.
This is a circuit trek that spans a distance of around 15km trekking. The trek starts early morning after driving for around 6 kms to Vimleshwar Temple. From here the trek starts to the Mandanbhitti base camp through Shikhareshwar Temple and along the ridge. Once you catch the ridge, you will immediately be spell bounded by the amazing views of the Himalayan ranges, including Bandarpunchh, Jaonli and Gangotri I,II,III. These views continue till the top of the mountain where you will be blessed with even more beautiful peaks. Among the flora, you will find beautiful Oak and Rhododendron forests.
Once the ridge ends, you will climb two small hill-tops, after which the decent to the Mandanbhitti Base camp starts. From the base camp starts the real ascent to the top of the mountain which includes a patch of rock climbing and bush climbing as well. The climb as such is not very technical; however, one should be not scared of heights.
On the way down, you will come to the base camp and take the alternate route down to the Assi Ganga Valley, where the car would be waiting for you to get you back to Monal. See gallery for a picturesque adventure.

Tariff: Single person 10000/- , 2 or more people – 6000/- per head.

5. Village Circuit

Uttarkashi Sangam Chatti Naugaon Bhankoli Sangam Chatti Uttarkashi

Want to get acquainted with the local people and glimpse into lives of the mountain people and their village? If your answer is yes then village circuit is the trek for you to do. This is a special trek to promote village tourism. It includes lunch at a local village where you can feast on the local delicacies cooked in front of you. You get to meet local villagers and interact with them. For those interested in architecture, there are beautiful wood and stone houses to look at. There is a long tradition of wood carving in this region, this is evident in the houses of the area where you can see richly carved pillars and doors adorning the houses. The trek begins from Sangam Chatti which is the road head for the Dodi Tal trek and situated at a distance of about 13 kms from Monal. The drive passes through the breathtakingly beautiful valley of Asi Ganga river. Leave Monal after breakfast and reach the road head. The trek starts now and you first trek to the village of Naugaon where you will be served lunch and will have time to explore the village and meet the locals. You can look at the houses and admire the wooden carving. Then trek on to Bhankoli Village and from there back to Sangam Chatti to drive back to Monal. The whole circuit is about 12 kms long. The trail for the trek passes through pristine forests and along tinkling streams where it seems nature turns on her full charms to entice you. The view of the surrounding area from Naugaon is spectacular. This is an easy trek along a well establish path and novice trekkers can also enjoy it.

Tariff: Single person 5000/- , 2 or more people 2750/- per head.


6. Meadow Trail 

Monal Kuflon Basics - Siladooni  -  Kuflon Basics Monal

Siladooni  Bugyal is a meadow that is basically used as a pasture by local villagers. It is located in the Assi-Ganga river valley. Though in the same region as Dodi Tal trek, it is not a typical tourist trail, is lesser known and more remote. Not many are aware of its existence. Siladooni is surrounded by pristine forests which are home to several species of flora and fauna. There are several water-holes where, if you are lucky, you can see many different wild animals. This is a trek that is open in all seasons.

The trip begins with a drive from Monal Tourist Home to Kuflon Basics after breakfast. The trek starts from Kuflon and the trail is 2-3 hours of climb up from Kuflon to Siladooni which is situated at a height of 7000 ft. The trek passes through a mixed forest replete with pine, oak and rhododendrons. Reach Siladooni in time for lunch and a rest. This trek is a boon for the wildlife enthusiast.

After lunch return trek back to Kuflon Basics.  Rest a while or take a dip in the natural pool near Kuflon. Drive back to Monal in time for tea.

Tariff: Single – 4000/-, 2 or more – 2250/- per head.


7. Temple Trail

All the major temples of Uttarkashi.

This is a very special trek for those who want to explore the temples of Uttarkashi Valley with a person who is known as the Walking Encyclopedia of Uttarkashi - Maj. Jamnal. This is a very special trek undertaken by Maj. Jamnal to promote awareness about the religious traditions of Garhwal and specifically Uttarkashi region.

Trek begins at Monal and takes you up hill to the top of Varunavat where you will explore three temples Shikhareshwar, Vimaleshwar and Kandhaar Devata. Kandhaar Devata is the main deity of Uttarkashi Valley and the temple is situated in the village of Sangrali, a beautiful village where indigenous architecture is still visible in old wood, stone and slate houses. After the visit to the three temples you will be able explore an organic farm and stop for juice or tea at Duffy’s place. After a short break at the farm, you drive back down the hill to Monal for lunch.

After lunch the second part of the trek begins. In this section you will visit the temples of Uttarkashi city and learn about their history. You will see Vishwanath Temple, which is the main temple of the city, Shakti temple, Bhairon Temple, all of which are within the city itself. Then you drive on to the last temple of the trek which is the Kuteti Devi temple. After visiting Kuteti Devi, you will be driven back to Monal for dinner.

Since this trek is led by Maj. Jamnal, you will have to check on the availability at least two days in advance.

Tariff: Single : 6000/- 2 or more persons 3250/- per head


8. Ayana Devi Circuit

Uttarkashi Nald Ayana Ganeshpur Uttarkashi

Temple of Ayana Devi is situated in a meadow where you can commune with nature, dip your feet into the stream that flows through. There is a temple dedicated to a local deity called Ayana Devi. A hermit’s cottage is attached to the temple. During summer, shepherds tend to their flock in the meadow. The music of the wind is sometimes enhanced by the flute of the shepherds to provide you with instant entertainment. The trek begins at the Village of Naald that is situated high on the mountain side above confluence of Asi Ganga and Bhagirathi rivers. The drive up to Naald is around 8 kms from Monal. The road passes through pine forests. From Naald you trek up to Ayana Devi relax, have lunch there and then return back to the Gangotri highway via the lush green Ganesh Ganga valley. Most of the trek is along the Ganesh Ganga stream, which passes through thick forests that are replete with flora and fauna and a delight for any nature lover. You can leave Monal after breakfast and return back by tea time. The trek is an easy one, greater portion of it is down hill. The trek ends at the charming village of Ganeshpur.

Tariff: Single person 5500/-, 2 or more people 3000/- per head.


9. Shikhareshwar Trek

Monal Bagyal Pata Sangrali Shikhareshwar Monal

Shikhareshwar is a temple of Lord Shiva situated at the top of Varunavat, the mountain at the base of which Uttarkashi sits. The temple is surrounded by thick deodar and pine forests and abounds with wild life. The trek starts from MTH which sits a little way up the Varunavat. Trekking upwards through a well travelled path you pass through Bagyal village and climb up to Pata village. From Pata, you follow the trail up to Sangrali Village. The village houses the temple of Kandhaar Devata, the main deity of Uttarkashi Valley. You can see the Bundar Punch massif from the temple. Sangrali village itself is a very interesting village. It mostly consists of old stone and wood houses with slate roofs. It is a very beautiful village and a photographer’s delight. From Sangrali it is a short trek up to Shikhareshwar. From Shikhareshwar the trek leads down to Duffy’s place on Pata Bend where you have your lunch in the company of Michael and Pallavi Duffy, visit their small farm and relax by the stream or bask in the sun. Then trek back down to Monal for tea. The total trek is about 10 kms long. Most of the trek is through thick forest.

Tariff: Single person 4500/-, 2 or more people 2500/- per head.


10. Half Varuni

Uttarkashi Saald Vimaleshwar Shikhareshwar Sangrali Pata Bagyal- Monal

Every year in the month of March - April, a religious yatra takes place in Uttarkashi. This is called the Varuni and entails a circumambulation of Varunavat mountain. Enroute are several temples that people pay obeisance at. Varuni starts with a small pooja on the banks of Bhagirathi from Varuna Gad at Badethi on the outskirts of Uttarkashi and ends at Triveni ghat on the confluence of Asi-Ganga and Bhagirathi at Gangori. The entire Varuni is 32 kms long.

The Half Varuni trek retraces the path of the Varuni but not completely. It starts at the village of Saald which is the road head for this trek. The drive from Monal to Saald is about 10 kms. Saald has an ancient Narayan Temple that dates back to 12thcentury AD. It is a beautiful temple built in typical mountain architecture. You can visit this temple if you want. From Saald you trek through thick pine and deodar forests to the temple of Vimaleshwar, the presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. From Vimaleshwar you climb up to the top of Varunavat and reach the temple of Shikhareshwar, another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Then it is a down hill trek to Village of Sangrali and the temple of Kandhaar Devata the main deity of Uttarkashi Valley. Another short trek brings you to Pata Bend and the Duffy’s place for lunch. Here you can sit by the stream and relax. Let your tired feet soak in the cool water and spend time with the Duffys. After lunch, trek down back to Monal for tea. The total distance covered by the trek is about 12 kms. It is not a very strenuous trek and can be taken by everyone.

Tariff: Single : 4500/- 2 or more persons 2500/- per head


11. Angling

Monal Kuflon Monal

After the floods in 2013, the entire Assi Ganga River has been affected. Due to this, there are few fishes available in the stream making it almost impossible for us to promote angling at the moment. However, if you are interested in this package, do contact us for fresh news. There may be good news in store.

Those who want to enjoy the outdoors in a more passive way and have time to contemplate and meditate, the perfect way to do it is to go angling in Asi Ganga. The river abounds in trout. You find two main types of trout here, the more common brown trout and the rarer rainbow trout. You cannot just go off fishing in the river, a permit has to be taken from the Forest Department, which will be made available to you before you set out. The permit is only on catch and release basis. You cannot bag your fish and take it home to cook. This trip includes a drive to the angling field after breakfast at Monal. A normal fishing beat lasts about 2 – 3 hours depending upon the patience and enthusiasm of the angler. One has to be prepared to walk along the stream bank in search of richer fishing grounds. The terrain is pretty rough, expect to walk over boulders along the bank of the river or even wade through pools to get the best catch. After angling return to Kuflon Basics for lunch and then drive back to Monal in time for tea. The tariff includes fishing permit, one helper to help you with the baits as well as handling and releasing the fish. We provide fishing rods and tackles, though it is recommended that you bring your own equipment.

Angling is courtesy Anil Kuriyal, an enterprising young man from Uttarkashi, who has worked in wildlife camps and is an angling and bird watching enthusiast. Anil is promoting these activities in the valley of Uttarkashi for the first time. After studying in premier institutions of the country and exploring his talents, he has come back to his roots in Uttarkashi to set up Kuflon Basics, a camp for the nature lover. This package is available on prior request depending on Anil’s schedule and availability.



12. Assiganga Adventure

Monal Naald Naaga Siladooni Kuflon Monal

This trek is for those who like to mix every experience in just one go. Through almost vertical rocks to thick green forests to amazing meadows, this trek has it all. The Siladooni trek inaugurated this year, has been a hit at Monal. Starting from Monal early in the morning (around 7 a.m.) you would be taken down 6 kms to Naald. The road follows the curves along the Assiganga valley for a while before moving offroad to the lovely, old village, untouched in its essence and incomparable in its beauty. Overlooking the Kandhaar Devata temple on the other side of the valley and in sight of the confluence of Assi Ganga river and Bhagirathi, Naald is an unmatched destination.

The walk starts here at Naald and continues through the thrilling rocks. These rocks are the most adventurous part of the trek, yet very safe and easy to cross. The path gives a picturesque view of Mt. Mandanbhitti, and other peaks, all along. The short climb (about 4 kms) will take you to Naaga, where the breakfast would be served. After a little rest here, we would explore the village, and then continue our walk towards Siladooni. This part of the trek moves through thick forests and cool, moist breeze.This is a much gradual elevation as compared to the dry and vertical climb before. It takes around an hour and a half to cover this part of the trek, and it is a very comfortable path.

On the route to Siladooni, one can find the farmers attending to their cows in the cowsheds, locally called 'chhaan', and working in their fields. The wooden grain storages, known as 'kothaar', are very old, built completely of the local 'devdar' wood and have amazing carving on them, worked by hand through generations. At the Siladooni meadow, you would be served lunch and given some time to explore, interact and rest your muscles. From here the climb is downhill to Kuflon Basics, managed by Anil Kuriyal, an angling and Bird Watching enthusiast. At such a natural place, you would have some snacks and tea and then drive back to Monal along the beautiful Assi Ganga river.


Tariff: Single : 6500/-, for 2 or more persons: 3500/- per head

Assiganga Valley
Trail on Assiganga Adventure

13. Varuna To Assi Hike

Monal - Uprikot - Gajoli - Bhankoli - Monal

Here is another new trek that Monal has introduced in the year 2018. On this trek, we follow a traditional pilgrim route following the path taken by village deities every year in April. This hike takes you from one tributary of Bhagirathi to the other. So you are trekking from the Varuna river to the Assi Ganga River.

From Monal you drive 25 kms to the road head at the Village of Uprikot in teh Varuna Valley. The drive itself is very picturesque and interesting. The trek starts from the village of Uprikot in the Varuna valley and ends at the Village of Gajoli in the Assi Ganga Valley. The path rises from Uprikot and takes you through high meadows where the villagers take their cattle during the warm summer months to graze on the fresh green grass. These high altitude grasslands are havens of peace and tranquillity. From the meadows, you slowly pass into pristine forests of cedar, pine and fir. Walking through the dappled forests you come to the pass that marks the boundary between the two valleys. Go through the pass and you start your slow descent into the Assi Ganga valley and to the village of Gajoli, known for its Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram. A part of the trek has no marked path so a guide is required to show the way. You may want to explore the village or walk down to the road-head and take the vehicle back to Monal. The drive back to Monal is along the lovely Assi Ganga Valley.

The entire trek takes about 6 hours to complete and is of moderate to intermediate level. Some hiking experience and a moderate level of physical fitness is required for this hike. From Monal to Monal the hike would take about 8 hours depending upon your pace.





trek in Uttarkashi
hiking in the himalayas


  • Packages are revised periodically. New packages are added and old ones are modified. Please ask at the office for new packages and details
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