Day Hikes and Treks

Oak Trail

Uttarkashi – Chaurangi Khal – Nachiketa Tal – Uttarkashi

This is a trek to Nachiketa Tal a very beautiful lake situated in the middle of thick rhododendron and oak forests. The 3 km trek is a very easy gradient and suitable for trekkers of all fitness and experience levels.


Temple Heights

Uttarkashi – Sankurnadhar – Nagni Devi – Uttarkashi

Nagni Devi temple is a well-known temple of the area. The trek leads to the temple from where you get a fantastic 360 degree view of the Himalayas. This is a fairly difficult trek for physically fit people.

Cascade Route

Uttarkashi – Barsu – Waterfall – Uttarkashi

The village of Barsu is situated off the Gangotri highway and is known for its beautiful meadows and views of the Jaunli Range. The trek takes you through Barsu village to a secluded waterfall with a plunge pool for a summer dip.

Mountain Adventure

Uttarkashi – Mandan Bhitti Base Camp – Summit – Uttarkashi

Mandan Bhitti is one of the most prominent mountains of the area. This trek takes you to the summit of the mountain from where you get a spectacular view of the Uttarkashi Valley. This is a difficult trek and recommended for the very experienced.

Village Circuit

Uttarkashi Sangam Chatti Naugaon Bhankoli Sangam Chatti Uttarkashi

Naugaon is a traditional Garhwali village and this trek gives you a glimpse of the life of the village folks in a mountain village. It also provides you with the opportunity to interact with the locals as well as appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

Meadow Trail

Monal – Kuflon Basics - Siladooni  -  Kuflon Basics – Monal

Siladooni is a meadow in the Asi Ganga valley of Uttarkashi. The trek to the grassland is through thick verdant oak and cinnamon forest. The meadow is used by the local shepherds for grazing. This is your opportunity to observe nature and the pastoral way of life of the mountain people.

Temple Trail

All the major temples of Uttarkashi

If you wish to visit the most prominent temples of Uttarkashi and learn about the culture and history of the area, then this is the trek you should book. The trek takes you from the river bank of Bhagirathi to the top of Varunavat Mountain over the course of a day.

Ayana Devi Circuit

Uttarkashi – Nald – Ayana – Ganeshpur – Uttarkashi

The trail takes you to the Temple of Ayana which is situated in a beautiful meadow high above the Uttarkashi Valley. The meadow is full of flowers, bubbling creeks and springs and is an idyllic pastoral getaway. Shepherds graze their cattle in the meadow and you can often hear them singing.

Shikhareshwar Trek

Monal – Bagyal – Pata – Sangrali – Shikhareshwar – Monal

Shikhareshwar is a temple situated on top of the Varunavat Mountain at the base of which Uttarkashi Town is situated. The trail starts and ends at Monat Tourist Home. You pass through two beautiful villages of Pata and Sangrali on your way up to the temple. This is a fairly hard and long climb and only for the very fit.

Half Varuni

Uttarkashi – Saald – Vimaleshwar – Shikhareshwar – Sangrali – Pata – Bagyal- Monal

This trail follows the path of an annual pilgrom that takes place every April in Uttarkashi. Though the pilgroms do a complete circumambulation of the Mountain Varunavat, you will only start at the village of Saald, half way point of the traditional pilgrim route. The trail passes through Devdar and Pine forests and you will see some spectacular views enroute.


Monal – Kuflon – Monal

This one is for the fishing enthusiasts. The River Asi Ganga is known for its rainbow trout. Explore the valley of Asi Ganga while chasing the fish. The fishing is strictly for sport only and on catch and release basis. This trip requires prior preparation and permissions so enquire before planning.

Asi Ganga Adventure

Monal – Naald – Naaga – Siladooni – Kuflon – Monal

Asi Ganga Valley is perhaps the most beautiful of all the valleys in the area. The trek takes you along the right bank of the river. The trail passes through verdant oak and rhododendron forest and pine forests and takes you through the village of Naald where you can observe the local life and architecture.

We keep discovering new trekking routes, drives, riverside walks all the time. If you'd like to see something other than the ones listed above, contact Dippy. He will guide you with the best recommendation. Some images have been uploaded in the Gallery


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