Library at Monal

For those who like to immerse themselves in scintillating tales and wondrous stories both real and fictional, Monal offers a little library of selected books. The books can be borrowed by the guests, but must be returned as we do not believe in the adage – books lent are books lost. The books range on a variety of topics from popular fiction to picture books to books on Himalaya, adventure and mountains. The library is a labour of love of Dippy, who has been buying and collecting books over the years to create this eclectic collection. 

Here is a list of Dippy’s favourite books from his library:
7 Years in Tibet
Bill Aitkin’s collection
Seven Sacred Rivers
The Nanda Devi Affair
Jim Corbett
Ruskin Bond
Robert Hutchison
The Valley of Flowers – Frank Smythe

Books are your best companions